Surfing Online Safely – A Guide to Cyber Security for the Youth

This free online course is designed for parents, guardians, teachers and those who work with young people and children.

The aim is to increase the awareness of the risks posed to young people and children whilst on the internet and social networking websites.

There are also safety measures that can be helpful in safeguarding young people and children.

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The course is divided into a number of units, each designed to help you increase your knowledge and insight into cyber security and safety. It is aimed at providing you with a foundation from where you can further increase your knowledge in this important area. This course can be taken in your own time. It provides a way for individuals and those working with children to improve their knowledge in this area.

This course is divided into the following units:

  1. Introduction to the internet and social media
  2. Setting up peronsal accounts on the internet
  3. Possible threats to young people online
  4. Ways to become more secure on the internet

There is a short quiz at the beginning and end of the course.

The aim of this short course is to increase your understanding and knowledge in the following areas:

  1. Background to social networking websites
  2. How to set up a profile on social networking websites
  3. Potential threats on the internet
  4. Different risks posed to young people online
  5. Tips to make you more aware of these threats and risks
  6. Ways you can increase cyber security for children and young people against online threats.
  • Parents and guardians
  • Teachers
  • Those working with children and young people.

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