Quality As A Career

“Make it your goal to be better each and every day, in some small way”

We caught up with Daniel Lynch this week and asked him some questions on how he found himself working in his current role as a Quality Consultant.

Did you always work in Quality?

Having qualified with an Electronics Degree in 2003 I held Technician and Team Lead positions in engineering companies and during that phase I developed a passion for problem solving and found myself becoming involved in teams determining solutions for improvements and streamlining operations.

How did you come about going into Quality?

I obtained a further Honours Degree in Advanced Manufacturing and LEAN Six Sigma Certifications and took up a position in Quality Engineering and progressed onto Quality Manager implementing and improving ISO management systems and business operations from supply chain to production output.

Having implemented and maintained ISO 9001 and Automotive IATF 16949 Quality Management Systems successfully for 5+ years I developed an appetite for consultancy in providing my experience and knowledge to companies with requirements to implement ISO management systems or LEAN systems.

For anyone interested in working in the area of Quality what kind of background should they have or qualification would you advise them to look into?

For someone that has desire to work in Quality or make a career change into Quality I would advise getting qualifications in the following areas as these will provided you with the knowledge and skills required to competently work in Quality:

  • Quality Management System Course
  • ISO Quality Management standard course – ISO type depending on industry/product
  • ISO Internal Auditing course

You mentioned about completing an ISO Internal Auditing course is this essential in the Quality industry?

An important aspect of ISO management systems is being able to audit competently and importantly achieve improvements. During my time as Quality Manager I obtained Internal Auditing Certification to many standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Automotive IATF 16949, and Medical ISO 13485 which provided me with in depth and broad knowledge and skills across many ISO standards.

Lean is an area where Quality Managers are focussing on, would you recommend studying in the area?

Quality management often gets integrated with efficiency and rightly so and would advise obtaining a qualification in LEAN that would be very beneficial in determining improvements and good practices within your organization. Implementing and maintaining quality systems is primary objective for many clients but also would advise that Quality Engineers /Managers should be spending up to 30% of their time developing and implementing improvements.

Would you recommend Quality as a career to your family and friends?

I would definitely recommend Quality as a career to my family and friends as Quality is an area that is challenging and brings scope for development. Quality management professionals operate in a variety of functions such as – processes and systems management, quality assurance and control, supply chain management, risk management, and business improvement – just to name a few. Any of these quality functions, when added to your current skill set, would be a huge asset to current or prospective employers.

A profession in quality brings an element of discipline in following structured systems, reacting to problems and implementing improvements which is a very positive thing in applying to your own personal life activities.

For anyone who is starting out in college in the next few weeks would you have any advice for them on going forward through education?

Progressing forward through education is both challenging and rewarding. Setting yourself realistic milestones and goals throughout your yearly education and career progression is good way of keeping track of your development. Continuous learning and development is important in today’s environment as things are changing all the time.

If you or your company wish to work with Daniel or one of his colleagues in the QSI Team then contact us at pat@qsi.ie with your requirements. To read more on Daniel’s experience with companies and his qualifications click here. 

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