What is EN 1090-1:

EN 1090-1 is a European standard for the CE Marking of structural steelwork which came into force in January 2011 and since 1st July 2014, it has become a legal requirement to CE Mark all structural steelwork. 

The regulations apply to a wide range of activities involving manufactured items including:

Importers of structural metalwork kits or components.

Stockholders and metal processors that modify stock – for example by drilling, painting, bending, electroplating etc.

Manufacturers of metal components or kits that have a structural use in civil engineering.

In order to be able to CE Mark their steelwork, contractors have to implement a certified Factory Production Control (FPC) system.

An FPC system for structural steelwork is similar to EN ISO 9001, with the exception that incorporated within it the steelwork contractor is required to have a documented Welding Quality Management System (WQMS) and nominate a person responsible for all welding related activities i.e. a Responsible Welding Coordinator (RWC).

How can QSI assist a Company:

Initial consultation: We will visit your organisation and determine with you how best  to progress your plan for EN 1090-1 implementation. Following this visit, we will issue a quotation and timescale to achieve certification.

Implementation: We will work with your Organisation and your Staff to achieve the benefits of a 1090-1 programme. Whether you simply need a Gap Analysis on your current system, Internal audits, Management review or a full implementation programme, we will do this in a way that you and your Team are fully engaged in the process. Our aim is to make this a practical, value added and beneficial process that will make your organisation more effective.

Certification: We can assist you right up to certification. We deal with all the certification organisations in this area. Following the visits by the Certification Organisation we can continue to support your organisation to ensure continuous improvement.

For more information: