Regrettably Quality Services International Ltd do not refund money received for training / courses due to the demand of limited course spaces. Quality Services International Ltd reserves the right to cancel or amalgamate courses.

Courses will be cancelled if:

Sufficient applications are not received.

The tutor becomes unavailable due to illness.

Our premises our the sub-contractor’s premises is unable to accommodate the course due to health and safety considerations.

As demand for popular courses cannot always be met, places are allocated on receipt of a completed booking fee. Once payment for the course is received, QSI will issue a confirmation email to participants.

It is the responsibility of the course attendee to ensure they can meet the course pre-requirements in order to successfully complete the course. the instance of Orbital Welding course attendees must hold a valid qualification in welding as a prerequisite to completing the course. In the instance of Level 5 Food Safety & HACCP the course attendee must have a background knowledge and / or experience in the area.

Incidental Expenses

QSI is not responsible for covering travel, accommodation and incidental costs incurred by course participants.

If you have any queries of any of the above please contact