The Lean Plus is a structured support programme for manufacturing and service companies looking to develop their core capabilities and develop their internal processes. The Lean Plus introduces lean thinking to an organisation and aims to deliver a wide range of benefits.

Lean Plus programmes may be funded by Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland to their respective clients. The funding allows access to independent, expert advice on lean and agile, plus the cost of internal training of lean champions, and the usage of internal resources in the execution of projects/improvements.

Access to an independent lean consultant(s) up to €50,000

Funding of up to €50,000 to cover costs of internal training, lean champions, etc.

Examples of Lean Plus

Examples of Lean Plus process improvements could include (but are not limited to);

Identifying waste and reducing costs in your key processes through value stream mapping

Improving lead times by optimising layout, workplace organisation and processes, information and materials flow

Enhancing communications and teamwork through introduction of visual management systems throughout the organisation

Improving quality through introduction of standardisation, structured practical problem solving and continuous improvement systems

Increasing capacity at a reduced cost by implementing better processes to get the best out of equipment and systems (e.g. OEE, TPM, automation)

Reducing cash flow costs by optimising inventory and stock forecasting through increased visibility and control to match customer demand

Increasing profitability through improved product planning, scheduling and supply chain control systems in line with customer needs.


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    Lean Plus

    Lean Transform.




    We have seen enormous benefits from the implementation and maintaining of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 under the guidance of Daniel Lynch of QSI Ltd. His practical approach to monitoring and improving our processes to align with our strategic goals has facilitated growth in a controlled and logical manner.

    His LEAN approach in reduction of wasteful activities has greatly streamlined our systems and the 5S implementation in calibration workshop and the warehouse has resulted in visual improvements and controls on the ground.

    Seamus Barry, General. Manager, Commissioning Services Limited