Energy Audits

Identify energy, cost & carbon saving opportunities.

QSI services for energy can take the form of ISO 50001 implementation and maintenance or the conduction of an energy audit.

If implementing ISO 50001, your organization is making a public commitment to lower its energy requirements, which is independently audited and certified by a third party. QSI can help your company implement and maintain this standard.

QSI can also conduct an energy audit of your company complying with the requirements set out in SI426. This audit will highlight areas for improvement and actions that can be taken to lower your companies energy needs.

ISO 50001

QSi will support you in creating and improving your Energy Management Systems to foster energy savings, increase performance and reduce your emissions. Some of the most notable areas include reduced energy costs, improved sustainability, and increased competitiveness. ISO 50001 certification can also help organisation comply with environmental regulations. We will guide you in establishing a process for energy management within your organisation. Define energy policies and outline an energy plan, this plan will include reviews of energy use and consumption, as well as an assessment of efficiency. We will establish baselines and help you in establishing performance indicators, and targets for continual improvement.

What are the benefits of an energy audit and implementing ISO 50001?


Regulatory and industry compliance


Reduced business cost


Waste defect reduction


Reduced business risk