Innovation Management

ISO 56001 Standard on Innovation Management Systems (IMS)

ISO 56001 Standard on Innovation Management Systems (IMS) is an all-encompassing set of standard operating procedures designed to provide a general framework for all organisations, regardless of type, sector, or size, whether established, temporary or starting, toward the successful implementation, maintenance, and continual improvement of an innovation management system.

The standard also provides guidance for all types of innovations, such as products, services, processes, business models and methods ranging from incremental to radical, as well as all types of approaches, such as internal and open innovation for user-, market-, technology-, and design-driven.

The new ISO 56002 Guidance on Innovation Management is written with the common High-Level Structure (HLS) of ISO Management System Standards. It enables the integration of different ISO management systems. ISO 9001 adopted this structure in 2015 and when you look at activities like setting objectives, capturing data, and data analysis these will integrate easily, as will the vast majority of the Innovation Standard.

What are the benefits of ISO 56001?

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Deliver products that consistently meet customer requirements and a service that is dependable and can be relied on.

  • Legal Compliance
    Understand how statutory and regulatory requirements impact your organization and its customers.

  • Ability to win more business
    Procurement specifications often require certification as a condition to supply, so certification opens doors.

  • Improved stakeholder relationships
    Improve the perception of your organization with staff, customers, and suppliers.

  • Improved Risk Management
    Greater consistency and traceability of products and services means problems are easier to avoid and rectify.

  • Proven Business Credentials
    Independent verification against a globally recognized industry standard speaks volumes.